A fun design for the youngsters. Who doesn’t just love a cute monster doing the floss! SHOP NOW


Its Important to promote good oral hygiene while having fun. Please Floss Regularly folks! SHOP NOW


Flossing is fun by yourself…but much more fun when others join you. SHOP NOW

About Floss Shirts

Floss Shirts came about after we saw our kids doing this crazy dance.  Then we saw their cousins and friends doing it.  We started to see it everywhere.  We wanted to get them some cool shirts to wear – but there wasn’t anything available – nothing that was cool at least.   Their uncle owns a screen-printing company and we put two and two together.  We have many more designs to show, but we have to start off slowly offering just a few designs at a time, so we can manage inventory.  We really hope you like them!  We are family owned and operated entity that is designing, printing everything you see.  We have seen cheaper options with Direct to Garment (DTG) but the quality wasn’t there.  Everything you receive from us is using the best value blank apparel garments and best quality screen printing techniques available.  We make every shirt with love and light and send it to you!